A rationale is NOT a short paper or a mere description of your independent study – documentary script.

Moreso, it is like a business proposal and thereby the foundation of your Independent Study which when completed you will pitch to producer for approval or disapproval.

A rationale clearly explains:
– big idea/goal of your documentary, what your exploring?
– what you plan to do in order to achieve your film’s goal?
– how you plan to actually achieves the goal? Method/Outline

1) What is the main thesis of your film? What are you trying to say in the film? What are you trying to achieve in the audiences’ hearts and minds? (Two-Three Sentences)

2) How will your documentary show your thesis? To say what you want, and achieve the change in the hearts and minds of the audience?
a) Who is to be interviewed? Why?
b) What clips from the films will you include to make your thesis clear?
c) How does what you are showing fit into the cultures of the two films?
(Five to Eight Sentences)

3) How does doing 2) show what you intended to show in 1)? Give a clear, strong statement. (One-Two Sentences)