1–2 Paragraphs Min Each, Bullet-points, Notes – Be Specific
DUE TUE, MAR 12th 9pm Google Site ‘IB1 Film Reflection’

1. What did you learn the most from the pre – post production process?

2. How will you do things differently next time during each phase of the process?

3. What ROLE do you plan to take on next time and WHY?

4. What specific SKILLS do you need to master this ROLE further and HOW can you learn those best?

5. Whom would you choose to work with for you final IB2 SHORT FILM and in what respective ROLES would you prefer them to be in?

6. How do would go about planning a rough timeline and scheduling of your entire process? Break down into:

a. PRE-PRODUCTION (brainstorming idea, pitching/treatment, storyboard, shot-list, scheduling, locations, casting. rehearsals)

b. PRODUCTION (principal photography, assessing storyline, adapting script, re-shooting, pickups, editing)

c. POST-PRODUCTION (editing dailies, 1st assembly, group critique/reflection, rough cut, 2nd rough cut, final group critique/reflection trailer, polishing, test screening, final cut.

7. How will you go about making your trailer differently from pre-post production?