1.Tasks to be completed as a group:
1. Ideas – brainstorming + initial research – including permissions if appropriate
2. Pitch to the producer – teacher
3. Research – talking to people to be interviewed, gathering information about the subject
4. Script outline
5. Production schedule – including filming permissions+ arrangements
6. Storyboard

2. Individual roles and responsibilities:

1. Director: You take over all responsible for the completion of the film. You will be in charge of
• Obtaining all necessary permissions
• Directing all the people in the film
• Ensuring that everything + everybody that needs to be filmed is available at the appropriate time
• Keeping the DV cassette safe

2. Cinematographer
You are responsible for the actual filming of shots. You must ensure that shots are framed properly, lit properly and you must follow the instructions of the director.
You must work closely with the director and editor to determine what b-roll, pickup shots, cutaways, archival or re-constructed footage is needed to match soundbytes.

3. Sound Designer
You will be in charge of
• Ensuring recording levels for filming, voice over etc are all of a very good quality
• Choice and recording of all sound FX, music, voice over
• You will work closely with the Director and Editor to ensure that the audio track fits the visuals well.

4. Editor:
You will edit the film. It is your responsibility to
• Take charge of the storyboarding
• Log all shots during filming on the shot log
• Conduct any on screen interviews (Director + Sound + Cinematographer will be busy with other tasks)
• Capture all shots onto the server and save in an appropriate folder
• Work closely with the Director, Cinematographer and Sound Designer to construct the shots in the correct sequence and provide appropriate transitions and special effects if required.
• Produce suitable title and credit sequences for the film