Documentary Film End Goal: A compelling story using different methods of investigation told through multiple perspective using innovative filmmaking techniques

ROUGH CUT (75% of ALL Footage & Sounds Expected) –DUE TUES, APR 23rd
Upload on Server ‘Title_Rough Cut – Filmmaking Team Names/Credits’

FINAL CUT (CLASS-WIDE Screening) – DUE TUES, MAY 22nd Upload on Server ‘Title_Final Cut – Filmmaking Team/Credits’

To what extent are you interweaving interviews, multiple forms of narration, found objects, b-roll, re-enactments, statistics, live sounds, foley, sound effects and instruments innovatively and cinematically in telling your story?

To what extent are you setting a clear context, establishing your story and developing your characters and expressingmultiple viewpoints and backgrounds?

To what extent are you building empathy and developing convincing arguments from multiple perspectives?

To what extent are you building off your own self-knowledge and biases and inputting them into the framework of your story?

To what extent are you leaving your viewer with a feeling and thoughts at the end of your film?

Additional Criteria
– Make it Personal & Compelling: Explore something interesting to you worth uncovering through deeper understanding & multiple perspectives. Brainstorm Abstract, Relevant Visuals & Sounds as Evidence

– Unpack & Analyze a Big Idea and how you will explore it using Audio & Visual elements. Deconstruct your Big Idea further through Editing using Juxtaposition

– Look for Contradictions, Anomalies & Extraordinary Elements. By end take a Stance on Big Idea drawing on Supporting Evidence