DUE WED 3pm on Google Site Beasts of the Southern Wild’ Analysis.
Voluntary Assignment (Minor Assessment – Only Improve Your Grade)

1. Today we will begin watching Beasts of the Southern Wild (TRT 1hrs 33mins, so will continue into next class on Tues – pls note timecode where we pause). The film is posted on the film server under their block to access and review outside class.

2. While watching to stay focused on one specific area of analysis – CAMERA, SOUND, EDITING, DIRECTING OR SCREENWRITING.

3. Write up a 2-3 page paper focused on this chosen specific area of analysis and allude to 2-3 specific scenes with a shot by shot breakdown.

4. Must research the film online and using books. Find 2-3 reviews of the film and site all sources in bibliography MLA format. Must argue for or against a specific point in the critical reviews.