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Audio Editing Tutorial

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The Sound Project

Deadlines: - Storyboard & Shot List Due: Wed, Sept 28th (Start of Class will be checked to be used as Guide during Production then hand in w/Finished Film) - Last Day Of In-Class Shooting: Wed, October 5th - Rough Cut Due Date: Monday, October 10th (B & D Blocks) & Tuesday, October 11th (F Block) - Final Film Due Date: Wednesday, October 12th (D Read full article »

Film Skills Checklist 2011/12

Editing   Self-Evaluation Confirmed by teacher Set scratch disk     Capture directly to Final Cut Pro using tape machine     Identify the name + purpose of key windows on the FCP interface – Browser with bins, viewer, canvas, timeline     Get all 4 of the windows to appear (if they are not in the right place)     Trim clip on timeline or in Read full article »


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