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MAN ON WIRE – Research Exercise & Analysis

a) Research Before Viewing. (1 lesson + homework) Conduct research and write notes on the following: • What is the subject matter of the film ? (2 marks) • Find 5 reviews online. For each one explain whether it is positive or negative. (5 marks) • Looking at the reviews as a whole, identify 6 positive things that have been written about the film. (6 marks) Use Read full article »

Western Genre – RESEARCH LINKS

Western Film Genre - RESEARCH LINKS Read full article »

The Western – GENRE Research Exercise

DUE – MON, MARCH 11TH BY 9PM on Google Site ‘Western Genres’ Follow links to trailers & montages from Westerns and fill in detailed notes below for each. *Refer to next blog post for some useful research links Description Name of Western Setting, Context Character Types Storylines Themes Technical - Audio & Visual Prop,Costume,Mis-En- In addition 1-2 Paragraphs on General characteristics of Western In addition 1-2 Paragraphs compare/contrast Read full article »

Approaches to Film Genre Study

Film genre is an important concept for critics, film-makers and audiences, as well as media theorists. Film genre has both academic and practical applications as films are categorised by genre at every stage of their existence, from the initial approach the screenwriter takes, to where they end up on the shelves of your local store, to how their impact on Read full article »

IB Film Glossary

All Students should be familiar with the following cinematic words and phrases: Ambient sound Natural background noise on television, film or radio. In the same manner, ambient light refers to natural, available light that is not enhanced in any way. Audience All those who receive or interact with any media product. A target audience is the group of people to whom a product is Read full article »

Production Portfolio – Focus on Individual Role

Screenwriter Writing process from idea, pitch, treatment to script (1st & 2nd Draft) Dialogue/Action script references for inspiration from other screenwriters or films Communications, notes, changes with Director relevant to script Casting, action, blocking and dialogue relevant to rehearsals in pre-production Consistency, Addition of Changes in Script on Production, Dialogue or Action? Communications with Editor in Working off script, changes, additions? Cinematographer Visual ideas based on Read full article »

Short Film Production Guide, Process & Criteria

Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in film production. This is a complex process that requires creative and analytical skills as well as meticulous organization, and almost always involves close collaboration with others. Teachers need to guide students through initial creative exercises, gradually leading them towards more substantial projects. Students should learn the overall structure of film-making, the nature of the relationships Read full article »

What’s, Why’s & How’s of FILM GENRE?

What is GENRE? Why is GENRE important? How does GENRE STUDY matter? Can TWO OR MORE GENRES overlap? "A genre is a type or category of media product with distinctive features. These features have come to be well understood and recognized through being repeated and reinterpreted over time." Essential Questions: • How should we approach the study of film genres? • Why are genres important to Read full article »

Documentary Filmmaking – Exercise

Practice Assignment: Prepare to make a documentary film on JEEPNEY DRIVERS in Manila. List the details of different stages to go through to complete the film in a logical working order. Here are some broad headings to guide you: I. Pre-Production/Research: Treatment, Pitch, Interviews/B-Roll, Shot List, Storyboard, Locations, Props and Production Schedule. II. Production III. Post-production Interviews A key element of Read full article »

Create Your Own – ‘Filmmaking Skills Tutorial’ Videos

Step 1 – You will be assigned to create 6x - 1 minute CAMERA, SOUND and EDIT filmmaking skills tutorial videos. This means 2x -1 minute videos for each area. Step 2 - Choose TWO of the most useful skills from each of the THREE assigned area skills checklists + TWO new skills to each you add which most Read full article »

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