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European Film Festival: Sept 5-15th at Shang Cineplex

European Film festival starts today running Sept 5th - Sept 15th. All films will be screened at Shangri La Mall (EDSA). There are some excellent films playing for free so please have a look at the program and the film synopsis Read full article »

Cinematography Techniques

BE CREATIVE. BE INNOVATIVE. THINK DIFFERENT. CAMERA-WORK TO THINK ABOUT: 1. How to decide when/how camera moves? To serve what purpose will you use different types of camera movement in story? *Consider In-Class Viewing & Discussion of 'Heavenly Creatures' and '127 Hours' along with other moments in films you may know that have memorable camera movement. - Read full article »

Film Glossary of Terms

I. Pre-Production Treatment. One to two page description of film in narrative or story form as if the writer and/or director were envisioning the film becoming realized on screen. Pitch. A concise verbal and sometimes visual presentation of an idea for film generally made by in the hope of attracting development finance or approval to continue the project. Screenplay/Script. A written Read full article »

‘Remains of the Day’ – Film Analysis

DUE WED 3pm on Google Site 'Remains of the Day' Analysis. Voluntary Assignment (Minor Assessment – Only Improve Your Grade) 1. Today we will begin watching 'Remains of the Day' (TRT 2hrs 10mins, so will continue into next class on Tues - please note time-code where we pause). The film is posted on the film server under their block to access Read full article »


DUE TUES, MAY 28th 8pm on GOOGLE SITE ‘HYBRID GENRE FEEDBACK’ MIN 3-4 SENTENCES FOR EACH WITH SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM FILMS. 1. What did you particularly like in this film? What did not like and how would you change or improve? BE SPECIFIC: CAMERA, SOUND & EDITING? 2. How does this film establish each genre conventions & characteristics? Give specific Read full article »

Hybrid Genre Film – Final Cut Checklist & Assessment Criteria

FINAL CUT CHECKLIST PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING CHECKLIST BELOW BEFORE EXPORTING FINAL OUTPUTS AND TRANSFERING ONTO SERVER, WHEN DONE INFORM TEACHER. a. Each Genre is clearly established with setting, character, theme, filmmaking techniques, costumes/props, mise-en-scene b. Sound is equalized between live, instrument & foley c. Establishing shots and sounds set context in the beginning d. Transitions are clear, connecting story and genre conventions e. Ending leaves viewer with feeling or thought Read full article »


I. TREATMENT & PITCH OVERDUE FRI, MAR 15 (E, H) MON, MAR 18th (A) on Google Site ‘Genre Film Pre-Production’ COMPLETE SCRIPT, STORYBOARD & SHOT/SOUND-LIST, PRODUCTION SCHEDULE, LOCATIONS OVERDUE WED, MAR 27TH(A,E,H) add ‘Genre Film Pre-Production’ II. 4-9 Minutes, Rough Cut Assembly of Storyline – Begin, Middle, End Scenes. LIVE & FOLEY SOUNDS included. ROUGH CUT DUE: MON, APR Read full article »


EXPLORE A: FILM NOIR + PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER by Carl, Yong-Seok, Hiro MYSTERY + SCIENCE FICTION by Nathan, Youngseok, Daniel, Xavi COMEDY + FANTASY by Sturla, Nick, Haydn EXPERIMENTAL + CRIME by Emily, Curt, Asim MELODRAMA + SATIRE by Joey, Ashwin, Christian WESTERN + SUSPENSE by Tori, Isabel, KC, Robbie EXPLORE E: EXPERIMENTAL + CRIME by Ellinor, Shun, Emily, Joseph JIDAI-GEKI + SCIENCE FICTION by Matt, Kirby, Luigi FILM NOIR + Read full article »


I. Brainstorm IDEA, Write TREATMENT (1-2 PAGES), Design PITCH (5 MIN MAX). FOCUS on incorporating TWO GENRES conventions, characteristics, settings, props, etc. a. TREATMENT must be in TEXT format to include: Setting – Locations, Rough Shot List/Sounds Characters - Description, archetypes fitting within two genres Storyline - Big Idea, Beginning, middle and end. Themes/Motifs - Focus on two genres and blending each creatively Filmmaking Read full article »


I. Groups will select TWO GENRES at random & research each genre conventions, characteristics and techniques of each. Research must be prepared in PRESENTATION & ORAL FORMAT II. PRESENTATION START FRI ,MAR 15th - WED, MARCH 20thTH Groups will prepare PRESENTATION & ORAL DISCUSSION for class (20 mins MAX). Presentation must define AND illustrate GENRE CONVENTIONS using voice Read full article »

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