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Documentary Unit – REFLECTION

DUE FRI, MAR 8th by 9pm GOOGLE SITE titled ‘Documentary Reflection’ MINIMUM 1-2 PARAGRAPHS ANSWERS PER QUESTION. BE SPECIFIC. 1. How did your UNDERSTANDINGS OF DOCUMENTARY FORM & TECHNIQUES ADD/CHANGE over the course of this unit? Be specific. 2. To what extent did you employ NEWLY ACQUIRED DOCUMENTARY TECHNIQUES? Break down - CAMERA, SOUND, EDITING. 3. To what extent did Read full article »

Western Genre – RESEARCH LINKS

Western Film Genre - RESEARCH LINKS Read full article »

The Western – GENRE Research Exercise

DUE – MON, MARCH 11TH BY 9PM on Google Site ‘Western Genres’ Follow links to trailers & montages from Westerns and fill in detailed notes below for each. *Refer to next blog post for some useful research links Description Name of Western Setting, Context Character Types Storylines Themes Technical - Audio & Visual Prop,Costume,Mis-En- In addition 1-2 Paragraphs on General characteristics of Western In addition 1-2 Paragraphs compare/contrast Read full article »

Approaches to Film Genre Study

Film genre is an important concept for critics, film-makers and audiences, as well as media theorists. Film genre has both academic and practical applications as films are categorised by genre at every stage of their existence, from the initial approach the screenwriter takes, to where they end up on the shelves of your local store, to how their impact on Read full article »

What’s, Why’s & How’s of FILM GENRE?

What is GENRE? Why is GENRE important? How does GENRE STUDY matter? Can TWO OR MORE GENRES overlap? "A genre is a type or category of media product with distinctive features. These features have come to be well understood and recognized through being repeated and reinterpreted over time." Essential Questions: • How should we approach the study of film genres? • Why are genres important to Read full article »

Documentary Filmmaking Techniques & Applying Them

What Makes A Documentary Successful? DUE – WED, FEB 6 by 9PM on Google Site under Explore Film entitled 'Documentary Filmmaking Techniques & Applying Them' Title each short film clip and edit down your answers below: I. Upon watching documentary clip - identify FILMMAKING TECHNIQUES and how used in areas of: - CAMERA - SOUND - EDITING II. How are these FILMMAKING Read full article »


End Goal: A compelling story using different methods of investigation DEADLINES & ASSESSED CHECKPOINTS 2nd ROUGH CUT (100% of ALL Footage & Sounds Expected) – DUE THURS, FEB 7th (A, H BLOCKS), FRI, FEB 8th (E Blocks) Upload on Server ‘Title_Rough Cut – Filmmaking Team Names’ FINAL CUT (Private Screening) - DUE THURS, FEB 14th (A, H BLOCKS), FRI, FEB 15th (E Blocks) Upload on Read full article »

Camera Skills Checklist

Self-Evaluation Confirmed by teacher Turn camera on/off, detach and charge batteries Set camera to capture still photo or video shots in MPEG4 Mode Set camera to program mode and know all different camera modes Switch to manual focus mode and know all manual functions & use Adjust preset & manual white balance settings for all lighting conditions Know Tripod and functions - steady, level, tilt, pan Read full article »

Final Cut X – Ripple Training Tutorials GUIDE

Lesson 01 – Exploring The Interface Event Library – master folder for imported files Media browser – select clips ready for the timeline Project Library Project timeline - editing Viewer - Playback Blue arrow – menu of editing tools for making changes to clips on the timeline. With keyboard shortcuts Dashboard – timecode + background tasks button, audio meters Enhancements menu, audio fixing, speed changes, effects, transitions, Read full article »

Final Cut Pro Tips – Online Links

Jump Cuts, Match Cuts & Cutaways Nesting 5 Tips Beginner Intro Beginner Basic Editing Transitions for Action Scenes Spotlight effect Clone effect Film look Pleasantville effect Chroma Key (1) Part 2 Key frames Making images move in FCP Text Tutorial Green Screen 3 way colour corrector : 02:35
Initial setup 05:59
Exploring the Final Cut Pro interface 04:42
Logging and Capturing footage from tape 01:32
Ingesting Read full article »

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