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Editing Skills Checklist

Self-Evaluation Confirmed by teacher Create New Event & New Project, Understand Difference between each Identify the name + purpose of key windows on the FCP interface – Browser with bins, viewer, canvas, timeline Get all 4 of the windows to appear (if they are not in the right place) Trim clip on timeline or in viewer Create a still title Create moving title – scroll Read full article »

Sounds Skills Checklist

Self-Evaluation & Confirmed by teacher Know how to identify and reduce/eliminate all types of sound distractions Know how to assemble the boom mic and beachtek adaptor to camera Know how to record and monitor sound with the boom mic Know how to record and monitor sound with Zoom H4N Know how to use the audio track windows with video clips Know how to access loops Know how Read full article »

Interview, B-Roll & Sound Tips for Documentary

I. Interviews a. Scout Location in advance or before interview while shooting B-Roll establishing shots, close-ups on details. b. Look for natural or artificial light to be backlighting or coming from behind you shining onto subject c. Try to eliminate all sound distractions like air-con, music, white noise, ask for all cell phones to be turned off. d. Take time to setup your shot and prepare Read full article »

Documentary Pre-Production

DUE WED 9PM (Block A), THURS 9PM (Blocks E & H) ON GOOGLE SITE ENTITLED ‘DOCUMENTARY PRE-PRODUCTION’ 1. List of Subjects – Name, Age, Demographic, Reason for Interviewing 2. Detailed List of Interview Questions – Start with general/background then lead to more probing questions. Think about what you are really trying to learn from them and have them discuss? 3. Detailed List of Interviewing Locations Read full article »

‘Realms of the Unreal’ & Documentary Questions

DUE THURS, NOV 29th by 9pm on GOOGLE SITE entitled 'Realms of the Unreal' & Documentary Questions' MINIMUM 1-2 PARAGRAPHS ANSWERS PER QUESTION. BE SPECIFIC. 1. How is VOICEOVER, INNER-DIALOGUE & MULTI-PESPECTIVES used? 2. How are INTERVIEWS & ILLUSTRATIONS used in this film? 3. How are RE-CREATIONS & RE-ENACTMENTS EXPRESSED in this film? 4. How are EDITING TECHNIQUES & FOUND ELEMENTS used in film? 5. Read full article »

Realms of the Unreal – THINKING POINTS

In the Realms of the Unreal is a 2004 DOCUMENTARY on outsider artist Henry Darger. Henry Darger worked all his life in menial jobs in Chicago. Living alone and in poverty, he had no friends or close family. Spending all his off hours alone, he whiled away the hours working on a 15,143 page graphic novel The Story of the Read full article »

Reflection: Perspectives, Movement and Sound

1-2 PARAGRAPHS EACH ANSWER > DUE UP ON GOOGLE SITE END OF CLASS 1. To what extent does your film take advantage of assessment criteria: Perspectives, Movement and Sound? Give specific evidence, self-assess. 2. Which of the other films take most advantage of assessment criteria and how? Give specific examples. 3. Based on feedback and your own reflection time what other ways could you take advantage Read full article »

Setting & Reaching Goals

I. Filmmakers need divergent and specialized skills to succeed. II. Collaboration is critical in any creative pursuit involving a group. III. When tasks are done in parallel it takes the right approach and team philosophy for a productive group to produce higher quality work. Start of Lesson: 1. What is your Group Goal for Today? Be specific in all areas Read full article »

Post-Production Schedule

DUE:*START CLASS - THURS,NOV 8th (A) & FRI NOV, 9th (E, H): 2nd ROUGH CUT (MINIMUM 75% of ALL Footage & Sounds in FCP Timeline) DUE:*START OF CLASS THURS,NOV 15th(A) & FRI, NOV 16th (E,H) FINAL CUT (TITLES, FULL CREDITS, COLOR CORRECTED, SOUNDS MIXED) PROJECT REMINDERS: I. Multiple Perspectives: Establishing Shot (Long & Medium Shots) Bird’s Eye View/Overhead Low Angle or Ground Level Profile, Read full article »

Working Towards Rough Cut

I. Rough Cut is DUE this Thursday (H, A Blocks) or Friday (E Block) Checkpoint 2 - both group and individual grade for role and responsibilities. Must have a cohesive timeline with over 50% shot images & recorded sounds with marked placeholders for all missing images/sounds with text listing exactly what is missing with appropriate time allocated Read full article »

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