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Pre-Production TO DO List

Create shared Google Doc ‘Pre-Production – Movement, Perspective & Sound’ Directors divide and assign below DUE THURSDAY 7PM (individually post on Google Site all elements below): 1. Working Title, Credits (Assigned Roles), Location List, Shooting Schedule 2. Working Script - detailed Scene-by-Scene breakdown listed shot by shot. For each shot what exactly do we see, hear and feel? 3. Visual Shot Read full article »

Movement, Perspectives & Sound – FOOD FOR THOUGHT

I. Camera Movement a. Depth of field - How might you take advantage of the for, mid & background to reveal new information to the viewer or character combined with camera movement? - How can you place characters or objects in the for, mid & background to maximize depth of field to your shot and combine with camera movement? b. Shot Read full article »

Brainstorming Strategies

Mind Mapping is a brainstorming tool available that can help the idea process using free association. Interconnecting words helps trace an initial idea into associative tissue. After Mind Mapping – Choose a few words that stick out and do the following: Come up with a character. Visualize and list their characteristics. What are their goals? What are their strengths? What Read full article »

Pitching Session Information

1. Logline: 2-3 Sentences what short film is all about? What is big idea? How does story unfold in 3 scenes? 2. Treatment: 1-2 Paragraphs detailing the 3 Scenes Answer 5 W’s – Who, What, When, Where, Why? Whose Story Is it? What is the Hero’s Goal? How does the hero try to achieve goals or not? Who or What will oppose these Read full article »

Camera Movement, Multiple Perspectives & Sound PROJECT GUIDELINES

I. Emotional Language of Film Cinematography can represent a characters subjective viewpoint or other subjective/objective perspectives that moves during the course of the scene. Camera perspectives include: point of view, reverse shot, wandering camera , 3rd Eye and sounds which allow the viewer to experience different perspectives. Expressing a character’s thoughts, experiences and memories enable the Read full article »

The Point of View of the Wandering Camera Please read full article (P49-56) and refer to at least three films and camera movements in your answers to previous post. Read full article »

Tracking the History of Camera Movement

Ever since the invention of film and film cameras, early filmmakers have always experimented with camera movement and innovative ways to mobilize a camera through a set. A moving camera engages the viewer and enables the audience to better experience the action of what’s taking place in the film and amongst characters; camera movement also has its aesthetic nature. The camera Read full article »


ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS & ASSESSMENT CRITERIA Can you clearly articulate world historical events and link each to their effects on Film History, Hollywood and International Cinema throughout your assigned time period? Have you set context for each? Are you citing a range of sources? Can you demonstrate an understanding of the major film developments, characteristics and trends throughout your assigned time period Read full article »


SEPTEMBER 3rd to 7th: 1. Primitive Cinema - Overview, Analysis & Key Developments 2. Developments in Early Cinema - Influences from Photography, Technological Developmemts 3. Lumiere Film - Analysis, Style, Characteristics & Practical Exercise SEPTEMBER 10th to 14th: 1. Lumiere Film - Class Screening, Critique and Reflection 2. Concise History of Early Film (Video Screening) - Still Image > Moving Images, Innovators and Inventions 3. Early Read full article »

History of Film Presentation – TIPS

1.Make Connections & Links to Historical, Socio-Economical, Cultural, Political to FILM HISTORY, HOLLYWOOD DEVELOPMENTS, INTERNATIONAL CINEMA 2. ADD VISUAL IMAGES & SOUNDS when explaining to help class understand better i.e. HISTORY OF THEATRES star with Nickelodeon theatres – show photo of old nickelodeon theatre, old Greek Odeon theatres, theatres in 1940’s, a modern Cineplex to visually show the difference while discussing. 3. Read full article »

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