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IB1 Oral Presentation: ‘Into The Wild’

Choose 1-2 minutes from film that is significant enough to analyze, contains themes/motifs relevant to rest of film and give time-code. 1. Prepare a shot by shot analysis with focus on: Cinematography Sound, Directing Editing Screenwriting *USE FILM LAGUAGE – REFER TO IB FILM GLOSSARY & FILM TERMS 2. Relate your 1-2 minutes to the rest of the film, why is it significant? Read full article »

Independent Study – Deadlines & Information

OVERDUE: RATIONALE, 4 FILMS, FOCUS OF ANALYSIS, ANNOTATED LIST OF SOURCES DUE: THURS, APR 11TH - 2 Pages of Script (12 Point - Courier Font, Single Spaced) DUE: THURS, APRIL 18th - 6-8 Pages of Script DUE: THURS, MAY 2nd - 12-15 Pages - Final Draft Submitted I. Procedure Rationale, Script and Sources for SHORT DOCMENTARY FILM of 12–15 Pages on an aspect of Read full article »

Independent Study – Research, Analysis & Pitching

What you have done so far: Research idea, title, “I wonder…” statement, viewing of films, close analysis of films, analysis grids bringing your ideas, rationale - all together with academic comments. Before going to the next stage, Ask yourself the following questions: Does the work stand up as a high quality piece of in-depth academic research? Is it coherent, detailed and use Read full article »


By Deborah Jenkin 1. FILM THEORY A. A "REVOLUTION" IN FILM THEORY There's an interesting article called "New Concepts of Cinema" in THE OXFORD HISTORY OF WORLD CINEMA (see Bibliography). In it, Geoffrey Nowell-Smith argues that in 1960s and '70s, there was a revolution in ways of thinking and writing about film. Until this Read full article »

Independent Study – Research

Web-Based Research Use this search engine that only looks through specialised film websites. It is a REALLY good tool. Enjoy... Journals and Academic Research Also check out the great selection of online journals and resources that the DCS library has signed up for... BFI Research Those good folk over at BFI (British Film Institute) have come up with detailed research options and bibliographies for a Read full article »

Independent Study – Assessment Criteria

Marks Level descriptor 1-5 • There is little or no understanding of film history/theory topic • Engagement with the target audience is limited • Scope and depth of argument is limited • Use of sources are limited • Structure of the script is limited • Visual and audio elements are incompletely described and poorly linked • Films referred to have limited relevance to the topic • There are very few relevant points of comparison made between the chosen Read full article »

IB1 Short Film & Trailer – REFLECTION

1–2 Paragraphs Min Each, Bullet-points, Notes – Be Specific DUE TUE, MAR 12th 9pm Google Site ‘IB1 Film Reflection’ 1. What did you learn the most from the pre - post production process? 2. How will you do things differently next time during each phase of the process? 3. What ROLE do you plan to take on next time and Read full article »

Independent Study – Procedure, Film Theory, Film History, Assessment Criteria

The Independent Study is worth 25% of your IB Film grade… You must research, design and produce a Short Documentary Script on an aspect of Film Theory and/or Film History. The topic chosen should NOT be familiar to you but rather something carefully chosen that your interested and curious in learning more about, aim to challenge and stretch yourself. The audience is Read full article »

Independent Study – Rationale

A rationale is NOT a short paper or a mere description of your independent study - documentary script. Moreso, it is like a business proposal and thereby the foundation of your Independent Study which when completed you will pitch to producer for approval or disapproval. A rationale clearly explains: - big idea/goal of your documentary, what your exploring? - what you Read full article »

Independent Study – Initial Research Ideas

Film Movements/Directors: Italian Neorealism directors like Fellini & Antonioni, Avante Garde/Experimental cinema directors like Maya Deren, Luis Bunuel, Stan Brakhage, Chris Marker & Bruce Connor, Feminist Cinema directors like Ulrike Ottinger or Lisa Cholodenko, Animation/Live Action directors like Jan Svankmayer or Quay Brothers and Music Video directors like Chris Cunningham, Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry.

Other Filmmakers: Stanley Kubrick, Kim-Ki Read full article »

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