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IB Film Glossary

All Students should be familiar with the following cinematic words and phrases: Ambient sound Natural background noise on television, film or radio. In the same manner, ambient light refers to natural, available light that is not enhanced in any way. Audience All those who receive or interact with any media product. A target audience is the group of people to whom a product is Read full article »

Production Portfolio – Focus on Individual Role

Screenwriter Writing process from idea, pitch, treatment to script (1st & 2nd Draft) Dialogue/Action script references for inspiration from other screenwriters or films Communications, notes, changes with Director relevant to script Casting, action, blocking and dialogue relevant to rehearsals in pre-production Consistency, Addition of Changes in Script on Production, Dialogue or Action? Communications with Editor in Working off script, changes, additions? Cinematographer Visual ideas based on Read full article »

Short Film Production Guide, Process & Criteria

Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in film production. This is a complex process that requires creative and analytical skills as well as meticulous organization, and almost always involves close collaboration with others. Teachers need to guide students through initial creative exercises, gradually leading them towards more substantial projects. Students should learn the overall structure of film-making, the nature of the relationships Read full article »

IB Short Film Trailer

Must be 40–60 seconds, working alone not in collaboration with others, even worked with others in the production of the film. Documentation - Each film must be accompanied by an individual rationale of no more than 100 words for the film and an individual rationale for the trailer no more than 100 words. 1. When you create the trailer for your own Read full article »


IB1 Short Film – CHECKPOINTS & DEADLINES 1. Film Production Period – MON, JAN 7TH - TUES, JAN 22nd Make sure you provide enough coverage for the editing stage. Always start camera rolling before speaking starts and run after the speaking has finished. 2. 1st ROUGH CUT DUE - CRITIQUE & REVISIONS MONDAY, JAN 28th 3. PORTFOLIO GRADE - THURSDAY, JAN 31st Covering Pre-Production, Production Must Read full article »

Final Cut Pro TIPS – Online Links

Jump Cuts, Match Cuts & Cutaways Nesting 5 Tips Beginner Intro Beginner Basic Editing Transitions for Action Scenes Spotlight effect Clone effect Film look Pleasantville effect Chroma Key (1) Part 2 Key frames Making images move in FCP Text Tutorial Green Screen 3 way colour corrector : 02:35
Initial setup 05:59
Exploring the Final Cut Pro interface 04:42
Logging and Capturing footage from tape 01:32
Ingesting Read full article »

Final Cut X – Ripple Training Tutorials GUIDE

Lesson 01 – Exploring The Interface Event Library – master folder for imported files Media browser – select clips ready for the timeline Project Library Project timeline – editing Viewer – Playback Blue arrow – menu of editing tools for making changes to clips on the timeline. With keyboard shortcuts Dashboard – timecode + background tasks button, audio meters Enhancements menu, audio fixing, speed changes, effects, transitions, themes, Read full article »

Camera Skills Checklist

Self-Evaluation Confirmed by teacher Turn camera on/off, detach and charge batteries Set camera to capture still photo or video shots in MPEG4 Mode Set camera to program mode and know all different camera modes Switch to manual focus mode and know all manual functions & use Adjust preset & manual white balance settings for all lighting conditions Know Tripod and functions - steady, level, tilt, pan Read full article »

Sounds Skills Checklist

Self-Evaluation Confirmed by teacher Know how to identify and reduce/eliminate all types of sound distractions Know how to assemble the boom mic and beachtek adaptor to camera Know how to record and monitor sound with the boom mic Know how to record and monitor sound with Zoom H4N Know how to use the audio track windows with video clips Know how to access loops Know how to record Read full article »

Editing Skills Checklist

Self-Evaluation Confirmed by teacher Create New Event & New Project, Understand Difference between each Identify the name + purpose of key windows on the FCP interface – Browser with bins, viewer, canvas, timeline Get all 4 of the windows to appear (if they are not in the right place) Trim clip on timeline or in viewer Create a still title Create moving title – scroll Read full article »

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