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Please click on link below fill out Google Site Form ASAP...Thank You, Mr.Sternlicht Read full article »

Exercise – Writing About Film

Choose a film you have on DVD or a File you bring in that your familiar with. Select a 1-2 minute sequence from the film and do the following: • Name the Film title • Identify where this sequence comes in the film (time code in/out + brief contextual explanation) • Explain specifically why the sequence is important to the film as a Read full article »

Writing About Film

Now that you have a sense of film language and how to use cinematic terms in context, the next step is learning what it means to write a successful academic paper. Film studies is a broad and fascinating field. Film scholars who write in this discipline write not only about particular films, but also about the filmmakers, industry, Read full article »


August 1st - 10th: 1. WELCOME TO IB1 FILM - Expectations and requirements of the IB Film Program. Overview and breakdown of assessments and 1st and 2nd year plan. 2. IB Course Syllabus, Film Class Guidelines, Assessment Rubric - REFER TO SUB-PAGES WHEN SCROLLING TO 'IB1 FILM' 3. IB Icebreakers - Selecting and screening trailers of favorite summer films and discussing what Read full article »

The 10 best long tracking shots ever Filmed LoginHelpRSSAboutHome LOG IN or JOIN NOW to Shape Your News 738 days ago Moving Mom & Dad -- abroad FRAN JOHNSBoomers and Beyond 747 days ago Retired Cops Slam Arguments Against Legalizing Pot STEPHEN C. WEBSTERBrave New Hooks What Is True/Slant? MIKE HARVKEY CLOSELY WATCHED MY PROFILEMY HEADLINE GRABSMY RSS FEED Share Nov. 30 2009 - 11:10 am | 6,067 views | 2 Read full article »

IB Film Glossary

IB Film Students must be familiar with the following cinematic words and phrases below. Also see complete Film Glossary here > Ambient sound Natural background noise on television, film or radio. In the same manner, ambient light refers to natural, available light that is not enhanced in any way. Audience All those who receive or interact with any media product. A target Read full article »

IB1 FILM STUDIES – Semester One – Checklist of Terminology

Term Definition + examples Camera Movement a tilt a pan a dolly/ tracking shot a crane shot steadicam shot handheld shot a zoom long take Colour Colour palette White balance Editing Soviet Montage Kuleshov Experiment Pudovkin Eisenstein Thesis Antithesis Classic continuity editing 180 degree rule Match cut Jump cut Cut on action Ellipsis Parallel editing Freeze frame Split frame Framing and composition Balanced composition Rule of thirds Eye Lines Headroom Compositional Stress Negative space Deep space composition Shot sizes CU, LS etc Shot angle High, low, eye level, worm’s eye, Dutch tilt Sound Dialogue Narration/ Voice Over Ambient Sound Effects Foley Diegetic + Non-diegetic Parallel music Contrapuntal music Associative music Gaze theory The Read full article »

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