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European Film Festival: Sept 5-15th at Shang Cineplex

European Film festival starts today running Sept 5th - Sept 15th. All films will be screened at Shangri La Mall (EDSA). There are some excellent films playing for free so please have a look at the program and the film synopsis Read full article »

The Hunt Trailer

Read full article »

Oral Presentation – Tips

  -      Dig Deeper, Research More, Vary Sources     -      Transfer, Adapt Knowledge & Articulate     -      Draw Direct & Indirect Observations     -      Find Connections & Personal Conclusions     -      Base All on Evidence using Film Language     Read full article »

Oral Presentation – Outline, Checklist & Samples

I. OUTLINE SUGGESTIONS A. Introduction Excerpt Choice & Significance – Brief Rationale Why? Excerpt Relationship to Whole Film Brief Intro of Shot Analysis Areas to be focused on Director’s Background & Intent Genre & Sociocultural Context (Time/Place & consider Historical, Political, Economical Environment made)   B. Main Body In depth Shot by Shot Analysis Interconnecting Excerpt to Whole Analyzing & Interweaving Director’s Intent Analyzing & Interweaving Genre, Sociocultural Context Audience/Reviewer/Critic/Scholar Response Context (1:30) A. Place Read full article »


-Has the student watched their film several times as part of their primary research? -Has the student look for research materials – film history and cultural significance – as well as doing their own analytical observation? -Can the student explain why they have chosen the 5 minute (or less) extract? -Can the student demonstrate an excellent awareness of their 5 minute extract’s relationship to the Read full article »

Independent Study – General Comments & Assessment Criteria

Be sure you are incorporating enough Film Theory/Film History throughout your script with all your films and engaging audience with it. Footnote sources within script itself and give 2-3 sentences in Bibliography on how & why you used each source in the manner you did. Expectations are 2-3 Pages of Sources categorized and broken up as: Reviews, Press, DVD's, Books, Online Read full article »


CHECKLIST for your INDEPENDENT STUDY -Have films been chosen from more than one country?! (Has the student chosen an unfamiliar film tradition or film culture to explore?) -Has the student chosen the correct minimum number of films?! (2 at Standard Level LEVEL and 4 at Higher Level) -Does the student understand what film theory or strand of film history their documentary script focuses on.! Do they Read full article »

Independent Study – Oral Presentation

DUE: In Class Tues, Feb 14th &  Thurs, Feb 16th (A Block) In Class Wed, Feb 15th & Fri, Feb 17th (E Block)   TIME: 5 – 7 Minute Oral Presentation of your Independent Study using Visual Aids of Script & Clips from Film   PROCEDURE: I.  Start by explaining Big Idea then define specific areas of Cinematic Analysis. i.e. Depth of Field, Lighting, Non-Diegetic Sounds, Read full article »

Production Portfolio Outline

Pre-production. Content suggestions: The selection of your individual role in filmmaking process. Communication with Director from Idea to Script Scouting for and selection of locations. Acquisition of costumes, props, elements of set design. Casting of actors. Definition of technical needs. Any outside support/technical help acknowledged. Finalization of the script, storyboard, shot list and production schedule.   Note: Use of evidence: this should be provided in jpeg format in Figures within Read full article »

Kinds of Film Papers

Now that you have a sense of what it means to write an academic paper, youcan think about what you need to do to write successfully about film. Film studies is a broad and fascinating field. Scholars who write in this discipline write not only about particular films, but also about the filmmakers, industry, cultures, and histories that make these films. Let’s turn our Read full article »

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