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European Film Festival: Sept 5-15th at Shang Cineplex

European Film festival starts today running Sept 5th - Sept 15th. All films will be screened at Shangri La Mall (EDSA). There are some excellent films playing for free so please have a look at the program and the film synopsis Read full article »

Beasts of the Southern Wild: Film Analysis

DUE WED 3pm on Google Site Beasts of the Southern Wild' Analysis. Voluntary Assignment (Minor Assessment – Only Improve Your Grade) 1. Today we will begin watching Beasts of the Southern Wild (TRT 1hrs 33mins, so will continue into next class on Tues - pls note timecode where we pause). The film is posted on the film server under their block Read full article »


DUE FRI,MAY 24th by 8pm on GOOGLE SITE ‘DOCUMETARY FEEDBACK’ - MIN. 2-3 SENTENCES FOR EACH WITH SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM FILMS 1. What did you particularly like in this film? What did not like and how would you change or improve? BE SPECIFIC: CAMERA, SOUND & EDITING? 2. Of the 5 short documentaries we watched in class listed Read full article »

Documentary Film – Final Cut Checklist & Assessment Criteria

FINAL CUT CHECKLIST PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING CHECKLIST BELOW BEFORE EXPORING FINAL OUTPUTS AND TRANSFERRING ONTO SERVER, WHEN DONE INFORM TEACHER. a. Sound equalization check b. All Characters have lower third full title/description c. Live & Foley Sounds to add? d. B-Roll interwoven with interviews enough? e. Transitions are clear and connect ideas f. Establishing shots/sounds and strong ending g. Opening Title and End Credits h. Output as (Title_FC_TeamNames) i. Settings as H264 then transfer onto server ASSESSMENT CRITERIA & Read full article »


Documentary Film End Goal: A compelling story using different methods of investigation told through multiple perspective using innovative filmmaking techniques ROUGH CUT (75% of ALL Footage & Sounds Expected) –DUE TUES, APR 23rd Upload on Server ‘Title_Rough Cut – Filmmaking Team Names/Credits’ FINAL CUT (CLASS-WIDE Screening) - DUE TUES, MAY 22nd Upload on Server ‘Title_Final Cut - Filmmaking Team/Credits’ ASSESSMENT CRITERIA To what extent Read full article »

Documentary Filmmaking Analysis

DUE – TUESDAY, MAR 26th by 9PM on Google Site: ‘Documentary Filmmaking Techniques & Strategies’ Title each short film clip: 1. The Art of Making: Flamenca Guitars " 2. Influencers 3. Made by Hand / No 2 The Knife Maker 4. Varanasi, India: Beyond 5. Afghanistan: Touchdown in Flight Answer following: I. As you watch each film make a list of Read full article »

Documentary Film: Pre-Production Tasks

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS • What is a documentary? How can the documentary form be taken advantage of? • What makes a documentary more engaging and compelling to all types of viewers? • Is it ever possible to produce an accurate representation of real life on film? 1. In your film team, brainstorm ideas. • come to an agreement on the subject of your documentary, interviews & b-roll • do initial Read full article »

Documentary Film Roles & Responsibilities

1.Tasks to be completed as a group: 1. Ideas – brainstorming + initial research – including permissions if appropriate 2. Pitch to the producer - teacher 3. Research – talking to people to be interviewed, gathering information about the subject 4. Script outline 5. Production schedule – including filming permissions+ arrangements 6. Storyboard 2. Individual roles and responsibilities: 1. Director: You take over all responsible for the completion of the film. You Read full article »

Documentary Film Project: Uncover, Discover & Engage

Write and produce a 3 – 5 minute documentary film for an ISM High School audience. Option One Choose as your subject someone who isn’t typically in the public eye or represented on film e.g. guard at ISM, a helper, a sari-sari store owner, yogi chef or kitchen staff at ISM, support staff, a bus mother, a driver, a doorman, etc Research, Interview Read full article »

MAN ON WIRE – Research Exercise & Analysis

a) Research Before Viewing. (1 lesson + homework) Conduct research and write notes on the following: • What is the subject matter of the film ? (2 marks) • Find 5 reviews online. For each one explain whether it is positive or negative. (5 marks) • Looking at the reviews as a whole, identify 6 positive things that have been written about the film. (6 marks) Use Read full article »

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