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Film Language Project – CHECKPOINTS & DEADLINES

1. Brainstorm, Assign Roles. Pick suitable actors, props and location. How can you make it the most engaging for your viewers making use of film language? TUESDAY, OCT 16th 2. Pitch the idea to the producer with 2-3 Sentence Logline and :60 Second Pitch – DUE THURSDAY, OCT 18th (Start of Class) 3. Write a script using Celtx - DUE TUESDAY, OCT 23rd (End of Read full article »


The purpose of this filming project is to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the language of conventional cinema and to engage with these essential questions: • What shot choices are available to filmmakers? • How can shots be combined to create meaning for an audience? • What are the ‘rules’ of conventional filmmaking? The Task Shoot and edit a 2-3 minute film based on one of Read full article »

Experimental Film Reflection & Model

Practical Skills – How good are your individual shots in conveying ideas about personal identity? Have they been edited together in an interesting way? Have appropriate Special Effects been employed Have good quality sounds been gathered? Do they support the idea of personal identity? Do they match the visuals? Have they been mixed appropriately? Reflection & Evaluation – Comment on the success of your finished film Which moments work particularly Read full article »


- FILMMAKERS ARE PRO-ACTIVE, NOT REACTIVE - FILMMAKERS SHARE & COMMUNICATE IDEAS OFTEN - FILMMAKERS CONTINUALY REFLECT & CRITIQUE WORK - FILMMAKERS STAY BUSY ALWAYS ON DIFFERENT ROLES Start of Class (5 Mins) – Director checks in with team and jots down Goals of the Day. Delegate Responsibility, Maximize Productivity. DIRECTORS - Direct Acting/Shooting/Sound to record missing elements - Work collaboratively with Editors towards Rough Cut CINEMATOGRAPHER & Read full article »


SEPTEMBER 3rd - 7th: 1. Primitive Cinema Overview 2. Concise History of Early Cinema 3. Lumiere Short Film Analysis (Refer to Mr.Bailey's Blog) SEPTEMBER 10th - 14th: 1. Lumiere Short Film - Practical Exercise (Refer to Post) 2. Lumiere Short Film - Class Screening, Critique & Reflection 3. Experimental Cinema - Introduction (Refer to Mr.Bailey's Blog) SEPTEMBER 17th - 21st: 1. Experimental Cinema - Sound Poem - Practical Exercise Read full article »

Edit Skills Checklist

Create new page on Google Site title ‘Edit Skills Checklist’. Copy, paste below terms and before each one make a checkmark next to each skill you are proficient in. We will keep referring back to this page throughout the year and adding skills to your edit checklist. Make a new project Import into event library from camera + file Trim clip Read full article »


Description Ongoing review of skills Can you identify specific skills that you are developing? Can you demonstrate an appreciation of how these skills can be used to create meanings? Exemplary 10 - 9 You provide a comprehensive list of specific skills you have developed. You use correct terminology You show a sophisticated appreciation of how these skills will help you to create meaning in your film making. Proficient 8-7 You provide Read full article »

Lumiere Style Film – Production Exercise

The Lumiere brothers in France were responsible for producing a number of the first cinema films and are credited with showing the first film in public (Paris 1895). Keeping all of the above in mind, focus on analyzing the characteristics of these early films and how they are similar and different from films we watch today. Some Characteristics What’s ‘missing’? One Read full article »

Google Site Form

Please click on link below fill out Google Site Form ASAP...Thank You, Mr.Sternlicht Read full article »


August 2nd - 10th: 1. Course Syllabus, Film Class Guidelines, Assessment Rubric - REFER TO SUB-PAGES WHEN SCROLLING TO 'INTRO FILM' 2. Icebreakers Exercise One - Selecting and screening trailers of favorite summer films and discussing what elements of Film makes them successful, for more details refer to previous post 3. Equipment Release Form Handed Out - PARENT SIGNATURE REQUIRED, PLEASE RETURN Read full article »

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