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In order to be a successful Film student one of the things you need to be able to do is research information, make sense of it and record it in appropriate note form. A second critical skill is to be able to adapt and transfer this information by explaining it to others. The following exercise should develop the following Read full article »

Film Glossary

Film Glossary here > Intro Film Students should be familiar with the following cinematic words and phrases below: Ambient sound Natural background noise on television, film or radio. In the same manner, ambient light refers to natural, available light that is not enhanced in any way. Audience All those who receive or interact with any media product. A target audience is the Read full article »

Post on Google Site under new page ‘Citizen Kane’. Minimum 3-4 sentences each.   1.  How did the relationship between the filmmaker/actor Orson Welles and his subject Citizen Kane (William Randolph Hurst) he portrays in the film make for an interesting and controversial topic? Consider their real life stories and personalities.   2.  How did this portrayal unfold in the film and in real Read full article »

‘Citizen Kane’ – Filmmaker Role Analysis

  Key Roles & Terms Relationship Roles, Technical Definitions and Responsibilities I.  Director of Photography (DOP)   Camera Ops, Lighting, Gaffer/Grip, Director. How does shot look? Angle L/A, H/A, M/A or eye-level, slanted or Dutch Tilt, Bird’s Eye… Shot C/U, M/S, L/S, two shot, establishing shot, OSS, cut in, cut out… Movement Tracking, panning, dolly, following, tilt, zoom Framing/Composition How the subject is placed in the shot Lighting                        Cinematographer, DOP. How the general Read full article »

‘Sensory Role Reflection’ Post – DUE FRI, Apr 27 by 3pm

‘Sensory Role Reflection’ Post – DUE FRI, Apr 27  by 3pm MINIMUM 3-4 SENTENCE ANSWERS PER QUESTION.  BE SPECIFIC.   *Post/Share Presentation File on Same GOOGLE SITE POST   1.  How did your understanding of what assigned sensory experience is and how it’s expressed in film expand or change during this project?   2.  To what extent does your assigned sensory experience connect to other Read full article »

Sensory Oral Presentation Rubric

  A.  Individual Participation -       Demonstrates insightful research, understanding of topic, range of sources. -       Valuable, well selected, interesting useful information relevant to classmates -       Ability to answer questions posed by classmates and teacher during feedback     B.  Group Collaboration -       All team members communicate effectively, well organized and aware of each other’s research and presentation areas of focus -       All team members interconnect information with another and Read full article »

Art of the Five Senses

The wise men say that if something is not truly experienced with all our five senses, the experience will be partial, not total. Therefore in a way almost all our gained knowledge through life is partial. If we follow that analogy, gaining knowledge through several senses simultaneously is better than through just one. So, educating through watching films offers more opportunities Read full article »

Sensory Lesson Outline

I.  Research Your Sensory Experience – Find Interesting Facts, How Humans Use this Sensory Experience? How Humans Cope without?   II.  Present Film Clips from ‘Amelie’ & 1-2 Other Films Find Clips that best express your Sensory Experience and analyze cinematic elements using Shot by Shot Analysis   III.  Research other Art that expresses your Sensory Experience in Different Ways – Sculpture, Painting, Performance, Installation, Music, Read full article »

Examples How Artists Explore Five Senses

1. Edvard Munch 'The Scream' painting elicits SOUND:   2. David Byrne's SOUND art building explores hearing:   3. Sissel Tollas, Norwegian artist infuses SMELL   4. iPad Light painting explores SIGHT in Art: Making Future Magic   5. ‘You Are What You Eat’ exhibit at MASS MOCA explores TASTE in Art:   6.  Jusepe de Ribera’s ‘Sense of Touch’ demonstrates that with TOUCH, sculpture Read full article »

‘Amelie’ & The Five Senses

I.  Questions to Consider How do we use Five Senses? Write three detailed examples of each.   Do all living things use the Five Senses in the same way for the same purpose? ie. - A snake smells through its forked tongue and hears through skin   How do the five senses affect one's perception of the world around us?   How are you made aware of Read full article »

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